Hero - Kimberly Anderson

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Hero - Kimberly Anderson

It was a very cold winter evening and Jane was very excited because would be seeing one of her heroes. She has had a crush on Jason ever since she can remember. She was one of his biggest fans and had so much respect for him. She has never met him in person, but always looked forward for his performance on the TV. She was lucky to have gotten an invitation to the annual actor’s awards. She was attending as a student representative for the Acting School Montreal. Over the years, Jane has been an examplinary student and a shining start of the Acting School Montreal, that’s why she was selected among the three students to be the student representative.

Jane arrived at the venue for the awards quite early, she was putting on a red dinner gown with a touch of black which was the colour for the awards. She was seated among both the student and staff representative from her school. She was so glad to be here finally and was very happy that she would have the opportunity to see Jason for the first time in her life.

After the usual introductions and pleasantries, it was time to start calling names of individuals nominated for awards and the genres they were nominated for and generally the winner of each category. Jason was called to the stage to announce the first category of nominees and the various categories for which they were nominated for. The crowd goes wild with excitement as so many people including Jane see Jason as a hero and have hopes of achieving his level of success in their career. The awards were also taking place in a dinner setting and it was food and drink for all, and Jane was looking at that demigod; scanning, searching, noting: the quietness, the reserve, the noble gravity of his countenance; the simple honesty that expressed itself all over him; the sweet unconsciousness of his greatness—unconsciousness of the hundreds of admiring eyes fastened upon him, unconsciousness of the deep, loving, sincere worship welling out of the hearts of those people and flowing toward him. 

Jane was abruptly shocked by the comments of one of her teachers, Prof Harold. Prof Harold was one of the most respected and loved teachers at the school, this was the reason why Jane was shocked when Prof Harold called Jason a fake and a cheat. Jane knew that Prof Harold was a man of strict veracity, he was the type that never allowed his personal feeling cloud his judgment and that his judgment of men was good. Jane decided to find out the rationale behind Prof Harold's Outburst. 


Jane discovered that Harold was once a student at the  acting school in Montreal and Prof Harold was once his teacher. There was also another student called Mike whom was very bright and creative. Jason got his fame through a competition when he was still a student of the school and he was able to achieve his fame by playing a smart one on Mike. He switched Mike's original presentation with his and used Mike's presentation during the competition, that’s how he was able to win the hearts of the organizers and the audience. Although people don’t know about this incident, but Prof Harold knew because Mike had initially given him his presentation to review before competition, Mike committed suicide due to the incident and Prof Harold could not tell anyone due to the fact that no one could corroborate his story.

From that day, Jane lost every iota of respect she ever had for Jason and worked hard to make her mark.